Remote Monitoring & Maintenance

Remote Monitoring & Maintenance

Stop IT problems in their tracks

A desktop or an entire network going down is every business owner’s worst nightmare. Not only does it prevent employees from completing their tasks, but it also adds to the operational costs and repair bills. With Remote Monitoring & Maintenance from Bear Technologies®, you can say goodbye to IT issues for good.

Our monitoring process starts with our technicians setting up a software and configuring it in your desktops and servers. After a trigger is activated, it will send a notification to our Network Operations Center. The NOC generates a ticket regarding the inconsistency and notifies our technicians to look into the problem.

Our Remote Monitoring & Maintenance service includes:

  • Round-the-clock monitoring of your systems
  • Performance monitoring
  • Monitoring of data and tape backup logs
  • Application monitoring
  • Software updates
  • Monthly report detailing uptime, security patching, and performance