Help Desk Engineers

An Extension of Your Organization

Each account with Bear Technologies® is assigned two help desk engineers that learn the customer environment intimately. When you call in, Bear tech support agents will not only know your organization but will know your name. Over time, our help desk builds a rapport with your employees and will work with them not as service providers, but as colleagues. This general friendly collegiality promotes a much better opportunity for our help desk to assist the employees and will help employees call in at the start of an issue and not feel they need to wait until it is an unmanageable situation. With our structure built to allow unlimited help desk calls, your employees will feel fully supported and be able to quickly access help and then move forward being results driven, productive employees

Help Desk Support

 Bear Technologies® help desk constantly receives top marks from our customers. Surveys ask about timeliness, resolution, professionalism and overall service. These surveys constantly reflect top marks for each of our help desk engineers. With all of our help desk engineers located here in Plano, Texas, and being from the local area you can be assured there will be no communication barriers. We take pride in hiring professional and knowledgeable engineers with previous experience in technology and customer service.